The HOA Strategies Difference

At HOA Strategies, we’ve walked many a mile in your shoes.

Beginning as board members frustrated with the status quo and management companies that just didn’t seem to ‘get it’, Trever sought out a better solution. A management company that followed the board’s strategic plan, with the financial chops to help safeguard the future of the property, and the organizational backing to help bring the strategic vision to life.

He didn’t find it.

But as a former auditor with a master’s degree in accounting, Trever had the strong accounting background. Joseph brought an organizational and planning mastery to the table. Between the two of our backgrounds, it was a natural fit to create the management company we wished already existed. And so we created HOA Strategies.

As the company has grown, our focus has remained firm on our goal: to provide the professional management and financial services that will help each board of directors develop and execute a strategic plan to protect the future of their community association.

If, like us, you are a board member who is unsatisfied with the way things are done, try HOA Strategies and see how we can help make a difference for you.

Meet the Founders

Trever Midgley
Trever Midgley
Joseph Groberg
Joseph Groberg

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