Making a reservation is simple. Just follow these simple steps…

  • Select a day

    Review the calendar and click on the day that you are interested in making the reservation for.

  • Select from the available time slots

    Your first click sets the start time for your reservation. Your second click sets the end time for your reservation.

  • Complete the “Contact Information” form

    Once you are ready to submit your reservation request, carefully fill out the form with the required information and click “Book Now”. You will then see a notification message saying your request has been successful.

    By reserving the clubhouse, you agree to the following rules/conditions:

    1. A $20 non-refundable fee will be posted to your HOA account. Please make sure to pay this fee prior to the end of the month as late fees may be applied to your account if it goes unpaid.
    2. Management and/or the Board reserve the right to refuse or cancel reservations of the clubhouse.
    3. The resident who applies to rent the clubhouse must be over 18 years of age and must be present at all times during the event.
    4. The resident who applies for the rental will be responsible for their guests and any damage that may occur in and around the clubhouse including any damage to Carriage Crossing property.
    5. Damages that occur during the event will be billed to the renter. Renter agrees to pay for all such damages.
    6. Rental of the clubhouse applies only to the upper room, lower carpeted area and restrooms. It does not apply to the pool and patio area or the spa room. Any renter in violation of this rule will be fined $100. No excuses!
    7. The clubhouse is accepted as is. Carriage Crossing Personnel will not be responsible for any special cleaning that may be needed.
    8. Renter is responsible to clean the clubhouse of all debris, clutter and trash left after the event. Furniture must be replaced, decorations removed and the floor vacuumed prior to leaving the clubhouse. Failure to do so will result in the renter paying a reasonable amount for a cleaning crew to clean up.
    9. The clubhouse opens at 10 am and closes at 10 pm. All events must be scheduled around these times. No exceptions.