Making a reservation is simple. Just follow these simple steps…

  • Read the COVID-19 waiver

    Please carefully read the Covid-19 waiver.

  • Select a day from the calendar below

    Review the calendar and click on the day that you are interested in making the reservation for.

  • Select from the available time slots

    Your first click sets the start time for your reservation. Your second click sets the end time for your reservation.

  • Complete the “Contact Information” form

    Once you are ready to submit your reservation request, carefully fill out the form with the required information and click “Book Now”. You will then see a notification message saying your request has been successful.

    By reserving the clubhouse, you agree to the following rules/conditions:

    1. There is a six-hour maximum for all reservations.
    2. No more than 12 reservations permitted per Owner per year. Additional reservations must be previously approved by the Board of Trustees. Owners may have a maximum of three ‘Prime Time’ reservations per year. Prime Time reservations are Fridays, Saturdays and Holidays.
    3. Whenever the clubhouse has not been reserved and is not in use an Owner may make an immediate reservation.
    4. Reservation of the clubhouse for an event does not include the use of the pool by guests.
    5. The clubhouse must be cleaned by the reserving Owner after each use. Owner will be fined $100 for any damages to the clubhouse, including failure to properly clean-up. Owner will also be charged the costs to clean and/or repair any damages.
    6. Owner must be present for the entire time of the reservation and is responsible to ensure that the clubhouse is closed and secured at the end of the reservation.
    7. The use of bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc. is not allowed in the clubhouse. No smoking is allowed in the clubhouse, restrooms, or pool area at any time.
    8. Use of the pool area is free and open to all Owners and authorized guests. There is no reserving of the pool and surrounding pool deck area, including chairs, umbrellas, etc.