The Community

Approximate location:

168 South 2875 West

West Point, UT 84015

Pay Your Bill

There are two ways to pay your bill…


Set up recurring payments / Make a one time payment

* If you haven't registered for the owners portal, please email to request a registration link.


Mail a check (Bill Pay via your bank)

Please mail payment to:

Yalecrest Towns

PO Box 52317

Phoenix, AZ 85072-2317

Please put the Management Company ID, Association ID and your Property Account Number in the memo.

Example: 2151 YALE XXXX

Your HOA Information…

Management Company ID: 2151

Association ID: YALE

Property Account Number: SEE YOUR INVOICE

To see your payment history, maintenance requests and other information relating to your account please login to the owner portal.


Community Docs

Governing Documents

CC&Rs & Bylaws 2008-11
CC&Rs & Bylaws 2010-06
CC&Rs & Bylaws 2013-06
Collection resolution
Maintenance Obligations

Financial Documents

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